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Fully Cleared Ony10 Division 1
May 5, 10 10:57 PM
Requesting Ally w/ FoF
May 2, 10 12:28 PM
Fully Cleared ToC10
May 2, 10 11:49 AM
Welcome to Fairy Tails! [Madoran]

We are Currently recruiting all levels/races/classes... We're a Social and Leveling guild right now but in the future we're hoping to do some Raids. We have a VENT, 4 Guild Tabs, Tabard, VENT, Guild Lottos/Events... To Join Please Register and try to Whisper[PST] Fellii in World of Warcraft

We are now Recruiting level 80s so we can start raiding...We will most likely raid Uld,Ony,ToC for right now in order to gear our members up for ICC in the future...
REMEMBER- Raiding times are Realm[Madoran] TIME

Raiding Divisions

Division 1:
Captain: Fellii [Holy/Disc]

Division 2:
Caption: Layfon [Prot/Holy]

Division 3:
Captain: Mannaz [Res/Bal]

Division 4:
Captain: Mcnoob [Des]

Division 5:
Captain: Neoflux [Prot/Ret]
***You can switch from Divisions to Divisions Each week if you want your raiding times to be changed BUT members that signed up with their previous Division [Same Division as 1-2 weeks ago have more chance of going if dps/heal/tank are filled]***
Members: 129 [Updated 5/03/10]
Members: 138 [Updated 5/04/10]
Members: 144 [Updated 5/06/10]
Members: 153 [Updated 5/11/10]
Members: 192 [Updated 7/02/10]

Other Guild News

Fully Cleared Ony10 Division 1

Fellii, May 5, 10 10:57 PM.
We've Cleared our First Ony10...Thank You for Showing up ALL the members, I was very surprised and
Proud =]...Hope to see more of you guys next Week!

What makes this guild awesome isn't the Guild's you...all the members...=]

Requesting Ally w/ FoF

Fellii, May 2, 10 12:28 PM.
Yo~ Fairy Tails Members/ Future Members!

Right now Fairy Tails is trying to become Ally with FoF [Friends of Fantasy] So they can help us with raids and aid us through instances ect...

Request Sent [5/2/10] *PENDING*

Fully Cleared ToC10

Fellii, May 2, 10 11:49 AM.
Congratulations Members of Fairy Tails!

Last Night [5/1/10] We're able to fully clear ToC10...Even though we had to get a few Pugs because some members didn't show up =]

~What makes this guild awesome....isn't the guild's you...the members ^^~
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